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The Southern Civic Amenity Site is run by a Board made up of a representative from each of the six Southern Local Authorities under the Southern Civic Amenity Site Board Order 2000.

They hold office for a term of three years.

Members are as follows:

Mr J Ludford Brooks (Castletown) Chairman

Mr B Pilling (Malew)

Mr S Pilling (Rushen)

Mr P Crellin (Port Erin)

Mr M Cringle (Arbory)

Mr R Hirst (Port St Mary)

Clerk: Mr A Hamilton

Workforce: The Board employs a blend of  full time and part time staff.

Meetings are held typically on the second Thursday of the month, the AGM is held in May each year.

Estimates are, ordinarily, calculated in November/December each year and the six Southern Authorities are then notified of the amount required from them based upon their rateable value.

Minutes of the Board may be inspected and a copy or extract taken by any Southern local authority elector, further more an officer of the Department, any Southern local government elector, ratepayer and any creditor may inspect and make extracts or copies of the Accounts. Please contact the Clerk for further information and or to arrange a suitable appointment for inspection purposes.

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