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All waste streams apart from bring banks are now being accepted

From today, we will be accepting all other waste streams, apart from the bring banks – so no glass, paper, cans, or plastics. Please continue to use your local bring banks for these waste streams.
Any paid for waste items e.g. fridges, TV, lightbulbs, monitors, laptops must be paid for prior to visiting the site via our online store which will provide you with a receipt. You will need to provide your name, receipt reference and what you are dropping off when you visit the site. Please remember that only one person is allowed from each vehicle, so only bring items one person can handle.
Pre-registered commercial customers may now attend the site for all waste streams.
Face masks must be worn on site and only one person allowed from each vehicle.
There is still a 10 minute time limit for all visits.
Please sort your waste prior to visiting the site to minimise time on site.

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