Advice for Gardeners

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Garden waste needs separating for several reasons, but primarily for the production a good quality soil conditioner free from contaminants and noxious weeds.

Stone, metal and palm fronds etc. can seriously damage the shredding and screening machines.

As you enter the site, there are two areas for green waste:

Grass –ie lawn mowing and fallen leaves go on one side.

Branches and clippings the other, this includes cuttings and ordinary weeds –with as much soil shaken off as possible.

The following need to be kept separate staff will advise you where they can go.

  • Grass sods
  • Large roots –cut back as much as possible
  • Tree Trunks (manageable lengths no more than approx. 1 metre /3 foot)
  • Palm including leaves, branches and trunks (manageable lengths)
  • Stones and Soil (preferably kept separate)
  • Plastic pots, labels, bits of fencing, ties, support canes, etc
  • Old clean commercial compost
  • Noxious weeds: some weeds e.g. Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed; Cushag (ragwort) must go on the burnable pile.
  • Elm is not accepted at the Site and advice on its transportation/disposal should be sort from DEFA Tel 801263
  • Please do not bring windfalls or home grown vegetables to the Site as they are a food source for vermin

Thank you for your co-operation Tel. 836202 for further advice

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