Domestic Users

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The Board reserves the right to charge the General Public if they are doing large renovation jobs on their property.

This includes major gardening jobs.

If a Property is bought for investment purposes, i.e. it is going to be rented out to a third party then waste from building renovation is chargeable at commercial rates or if the property is or will be used for business purposes again the waste is chargeable at commercial rates.

Section 69 of the Public Health Act 1990 allows Local Authorities to provide places where Commercial and Domestic Waste can be deposited on payment of charges(if any) they think fit.

The Government Policy on waste is “Polluter Pays.” In addition, the person producing the waste has an obligation to make sure waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner.

If you are going to produce over a tonne of waste, the Board recommends you consider getting a skip there are plenty of Local Companies offering this service

However, they are aware not everyone can have a skip near their property.

If you wish to bring the rubbish to the Site and are bringing in small amounts once or twice a week in a car that is acceptable (200kg total)

If you hope to drop off more than that and it involves several trips a day in a car or you have use of a van or large trailer a charge may apply

Domestic Rates

Small Fridges/Freezers £15
Large Fridges/Freezers £27
Extra Large Fridges/Freezers £50
Commercial Fridges/Freezers £60
Oil Tank £25

Cheque or card payment accepted.

Items for the Burnable Area – £206.25 a tonne

(Payable to the Government)

Rubble or Inert – £41.25 a tonne

Green waste – £41.25 a tonne

Wood – £82.50 a tonne

Rubble/inert – £41.25 a tonne

Turf (skip not always available) – £41.25 a tonne

Landfill – £206.25 a tonne

TV – £14.00 includes VAT

Laptop or Monitor – £6.00 includes VAT

Fluorescent tubes 60p each

All Plus VAT

It may be more cost effective to take any inert material to a local quarry.

Commercial Rates

Burnable Items – £206.25 a tonne

Rubble/Green/Turf/Inert – £41.25 a tonne

Plus VAT

If you intend bringing down large quantities of rubble or inert waste, please check with the staff beforehand so we can check there is enough room in the skips.

Small quantities of Fibre Glass, plasterboard (50kg) Insulating foam eg a boot full which is approx equivalent of 4-6 rubble sacks is acceptable more than that must be paid for as the skip is emptied at the Point of Ayre.

Items we cannot take: (This list is not exhaustive)

Asbestos- – ring Waste Management on 686540 for advice

Gas Bottles  – return to Douglas Gas 644444

Fire extinguishers –Unique Tel 623592 for advice

Please try to sort your rubbish before you come to the Site and pack similar items together.

Paints including the empty cans go in a separate place.

Items likely to blow around in the wind such as polystyrene need bagging.

Health and Safety

It is impossible to have notices covering all eventualities and it is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of the potential risks of using an Amenity Site and act accordingly to ensure their own safety and that of others.

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