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Site to reopen from Monday 25th January 2021

The Southern Civic Amenity Site will be reopening at 10am on Monday 25th January 2021, with some restrictions in place.

When the site re-opens a queuing system will be in operation on the site whilst Social Distancing Restrictions are in place and a mask and gloves MUST be worn.

The layout of the site will remain the same as normal and it will be up to the individuals using the site to ensure that they maintain social distancing at all times.

You will be able to dispose of items into the recycling bins, household burnable, green, metal, wood and rubble skips. We will not be accepting Fridges, Freezers, TV’s or monitors at this time.

There will be a maximum time limit of 10 minutes with access will be given to all areas within that time limit. Waste should be broken down and separated prior to visiting the site to ensure that the vehicle can be emptied within the time limit.

We are only able to accept Commercial Waste from registered customers. If you are not registered, you will not be permitted to use the site whilst Social Distancing Restrictions are in place.



  1. YOU MUST wear a mask and gloves on site for the duration of your visit. Failure to have a mask and gloves will result in you being turned away from the site.
  2. YOU MUST Organise your waste into manageable pieces for one person as assistance will not be given, and you only have a limited amount of time. An additional person will be permitted for exceptional circumstances.
  3. YOU MUST NOT bring bulky items.
  4. YOU MUST NOT have large vehicles filled to capacity and expect to empty them within the time limit.
  5. YOU MUST NOT bring multiple people to ensure that you can empty a vehicle within the time limit. This will prevent other people accessing the skips during the time slot.
  6. YOU MUST be a registered customer if you are bringing Commercial Waste.


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