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Statement regarding Local Authority Contributions for the financial year 2020-21

The Southern Civic Amenity Site Board would like to respond to some inaccuracies in recent statements made regarding the contributions made by the six member Local Authorities.

In recent years, the Local Authority Contributions have been requested based on the net operating figure for the site, thus assuming all budgeted income will be achieved. For various reasons the budgeted income has not been achieved and the site cannot continue to operate at a loss. As such, the Board has resolved to base the Local Authority Contributions from 2020-21 onwards on the gross cost of operating the site and provide an annual credit for any surplus generated (income), in line with The Southern Civic Amenity Site Board Order 2000.

The Local Authority Contribution for Arbory Parish Commissioners for 2019-20 was £36,188 which on a ‘like for like basis’ can be compared to the Estimated Net Parish Contribution of £37,469, which is an increase of 3.5%. The costs have certainly not increased by 37%. The initial contribution has increased by that amount, however, the authority will receive a rebate at the end of the financial year.

All costs of running the site have been fully reviewed at the Boards December 2019 meeting, with several savings and further opportunities identified for investigation. Some investment is required for the operation with equipment now at the end of its workable life and external pressures such as increasing costs from the Energy from Waste Plant continue to impact the operating costs adversely.

The table below shows the contribution by Authority and the estimated credit each is budgeted to receive at the financial year end along with the like for like percentage increase compared to the current financial year.

Mr Jerry Ludford-Brooks

27 January 2020

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